Program Goals


We believe early childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring and discovery. Preschool children are creative and receptive; our staff strives to nurture and encourage these qualities. Our purpose is to provide a child-centered, loving and enriching environment where a child may:

  • Develop a life-long love of learning;
  • Gain independence and self-discipline;
  • Learn appropriate skills to move into the next phase of self-directed learning with confidence and enthusiasm; and
  • Learn respect for himself or herself, for other people and for the planet.

Although we offer different types of programs – they are all part of a single, cohesive educational process. Ideally, children participate in the full, three to five year BHMS experience.

News and Events

Congratulations to John and Veronica Ricks, devoted grandparents to Lexi and Ronin. You are our 50/50 raffle winner of $1,105!!! Special thanks to Shrey for helping draw the winning raffle ticket on his last day at BHMS.