Children's House, Third Year Full Day Montessori Program: 8:45am-3pm

The full day program is offered to our third and fourth year students who, at the discretion of their teacher, are ready to benefit from the program. Among the criteria considered when recommending students to the program are concentration level, a positive attitude toward work and the child’s ability to self-discipline. Children may enter the program in September of their third year or during the year, as their teacher assesses the child is ready.


Program hours are 8:45am through 3:00pm. These students attend their regular morning class and then come together for the afternoon. The additional afternoon hours allow for more specific work with individual children or small groups in the areas of language, math, cultural subjects, art appreciation, music and more!. Lessons at this level often require longer presentations, which are planned for this extended time in the environment. Children may also explore areas of individual interest more fully.


In Montessori education, it is believed that the third year is essential to reinforcing all the social, emotional, and academic work that was so carefully nurtured in the three and four year old children. A Montessori third year classroom is similar to that of a traditional first grade classroom. In most traditional public school "kindergarten" classrooms, emphasis is placed on developing social skills with some preliminary work in cognitive skills.


"In a Montessori environment, the emphasis is on individual growth, which allows for cognitive development based on a firm foundation of sensory and motor skill training. This makes the transition into academic work so much easier for the child. This transition occurs naturally during the third year in a Montessori classroom, without stress or pressure” (quote provided by the American Montessori Society).

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