For Parents

Family Involvement

The success of our school depends on parent commitment and involvement through committees and jobs. We rely on parent participation to ensure smooth operations and foster community. New ideas and suggestions from parents are always welcomed.

Part of what makes our school special and unique is parent involvement. In order to maintain the Montessori family environment that is so crucial to the uniqueness of the Blue Hill Montessori School, we depend on parent cooperation, involvement and attendance at our school functions and social activities.


For this reason, each family is expected to participate in school related events, activities, and/or committee. Committees assist the Head of School and the Board by assuming tasks associated with fundraising, publicity, long-range planning, facilities and playground improvements, technology and hospitality. For instance, parents support the school in a variety of ways such as: serving as room parents (organize seasonal celebrations, organize special snack schedules, etc.), attending open houses to speak with prospective parents, participating in fundraising activities, providing refreshments at evening parent events, or joining in our fall and spring clean up. Parents are also welcomed and encouraged to attend monthly Board meetings held at the School.


Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit our classrooms to share information about their hobbies, careers, travels and culture. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested in visiting your child’s class.

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